We use the latest solutions in design and production planning.


Knowledge and experience

Our CAD technicians have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of technical, production and inspection designs. The proper preparation of designs, as well as planning production processes is the key to success in our industry.

We use the latest solutions in design and production planning, as well as manufacturing process management and materials and finished components warehouse management.


Economic use of materials

Thanks to the IT solutions we can increase the percentage of material usage. In addition, by investing in machines with large working spaces we can save our customers even more, as a large working space gives us greater flexibility in terms of the usage of the material resulting in increased efficiency.


3D designs

Thanks to file processing and 3D design software, we are able to create flat models (so-called flats) in order to reproduce them in production processes in their target form, i.e. spatial form.


Supported file formats

We support most of the formats used in the industry. The most common formats are DXF, DWG, SLDPRT, IPT and STEP. We also support many other formats.