Plasma sheet metal cutting up to 6000 x 2000 mm, thickness 40 mm

Often used as an alternative to gas cutting, plasma cutting is a reliable method of cutting sheets of blackplate, stainless steel and aluminum up to a thickness of 40 mm. Our machine allows sheets with dimensions of 6000 mm x 2000 mm to be cut.

Plasma cutting is one of the most popular steel sheet cutting methods. It is especially appreciated in the case of cutting thick sheets of aluminum or stainless steel. The large working area makes this method unbeatable by technologies such as laser cutting or water jet cutting.

ESTIMET offers plasma cutting services for companies from many different industries across Europe. We carry out orders involving series of many thousands of elements, we also produce single elements we the needs of prototypes. Our factory has been created specifically for the needs of sheet metal processing services. Thanks to automation, as well as our committed staff, production is carried out 24 hours a day.

Why us?


  • Possibility of cutting thin sheets
  • Fast performance times
  • Possibility of cutting aluminum, stainless steel, blackplates
  • Optional engraving/marking


In the case of the plasma cutting device, we have a vast working area, which allows cutting material with dimensions of 6000 x 2000 mm. It gives us a great production capacity and allows for efficient nesting of elements.


We know how important it is to have access to information. Therefore, our aim is to present the price offer to our customers within three hours of receipt of the query.

Small and large series

We are able to quickly and efficiently cut both large and small series in a given order.

Big overall dimensions

Thanks to a working area of 6m × 2m, we are able to cut large format sheet metal, widely used in the marine and offshore industry.

Edge finishing

After cutting, all elements undergo wide belt sander processing or are manually graded in order to achieve the best edge quality and get rid of burrs.

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The thicknesses we cut

Type of cut materialMaximum thickness
Structural / carbon steel40 mm
Stainless steel, Heat-resistant steel40 mm
Aluminium40 mm

Materials we cut

Structural / carbon steel
Marine sheet steel
Stainless steel
Heat-resistant steel