Metal plate CNC controlled gas cutting up to 6000 mm x 2000 mm, thickness of 150 mm

We have over 30 years of experience in metal plategas cutting . Today, CNC controlled gas cutting is a very effective and economical method of cutting metal plate. Thanks to several cutting heads, we are able to guarantee a large quantity of finished products in a short time.

Despite major progress in the development of other cutting methods (laser cutting, water jet cutting or plasma cutting), gas cutting continues to enjoy great popularity. It is a relatively slow method, but with the right technological approach it guarantees high efficiency of production at a very low cost of finished elements.

Gas cutting has no competition in terms of cutting sheets of more than 60 mm. The only technology that can be used instead is water jet cutting, but gas cutting is by far cheaper.

Our machines are equipped with multiple-burner portals and big working areas are ideal for cutting products on a large scale in a very short time and at low cost.

Why us ?


  • Cutting up to 150 mm
  • Fast execution times
  • Elements are clean and aesthetically packaged
  • Clean edge, without burrs
  • High dimension tolerances
  • Possibility of plotting mounting point markings used in subsequent production processes


In the case of the plasma cutting device we have a vast working area, which allows material with dimensions of 6000 x 2000 mm to be cut. It gives us a great production capacity and allows for efficient nesting of elements.


We know how important it is to have an access to information. Therefore, our aim is to give customers our price offers within three hours of receiving an inquiry.

Up to 150 mm

In case of gas cutting, CNC technology allows precise cutting even in the case of very thick plates.

Not only sheet steel cutting

In addition to cutting, we also perform hole drilling. We also cut sections (H-bars, channel bars, plain girders).

For different industries

Used for cutting elements for the needs of the building industry, the marine, shipbuilding, offshore and agricultural sectors.

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The thicknesses do we cut?

Grubość> 0
< 3
≥ 3
< 10
≥ 10
< 35
≥ 35
< 125
≥ 125
< 315
≥ 315
< 1 000
≥ 1 000
< 2 000
≥ 2 000
< 4 000

Materiały, które tniemy

Structural / carbon steel
Boiler sheet steel
Wear-resistant sheet steel (Hardox, Roc)
Marine sheet steel