Laser sheet metal cutting up to 4000 x 2000 mm, thickness 25 mm

Our CNC controlled lasers with a power of up to 6 kW work 24 hours a day. We carry out services on our own or on customers’s material. We cut the whole range of various types of materials. Services are performed on cutting-edge machines with a working area of 4000 x 2000 mm and a cutting thickness of 25 mm.

Laser cutting is becoming more popular as one on main methods of steel cutting. This is due to high precision, outstanding quality and amazing speed of cutting. Laser cutting technology easily cuts steel and other materials with a precision that is out of reach of other technologies.

ESTIMET offers laser cutting services for companies from many different industries across Europe. We carry out orders involving series of many thousands of elements; we also produce single elements we the needs of prototypes. Our factory has been created specifically for the needs of sheet metal processing services. Thanks to automation, as well as our committed staff, production is carried out 24 hours a day.

Why us?


  • 6 kW laser heads
  • Fast execution times
  • Elements are clean and aesthetically packaged
  • Clean edge, without barbs
  • High dimension tolerances
  • Possibility of cutting complicated shapes
  • Cutting of small elements
  • Possibility of plotting mounting point markings used in subsequent production processes


Each project or order is treated individually. We focus on individual needs and expectations of our each customer. We take responsibility for our promises.


In case you have doubts about the technology in which your order should be executed, please consult us and we will advise on the most effective solution.

Quick performance

We know that your order is important. We know that you need to have it quickly. We will do everything to deliver it as soon as possible

Comprehensive services

Among the services that we provide you can find a comprehensive solution - from the availability of the material, through cutting, bending and finishing operations to packaging and delivery.

We cut various materials

We cut stainless steel sheets, aluminum steel sheets, construction steel sheets and many others. We have our own materials warehouse.

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We will help you to reduce the costs and rise the performance standard.

The thicknesses we cut

Type of cut materialMaximum thickness
Structural / carbon steel25 mm
Stainless steel, Heat-resistant steel25 mm
Aluminium15 mm
Brass8 mm
Coppe, titanium, bronze6 mm
Galvanized steel, Coated sheet steel5 mm

The materials we cut

Structural / carbon steel
Stainless steel
Heat-resistant steel
Galvanised steel
Coated sheet steel

You have a full control thanks to

Smart Factory, i.e. modularity, real time production information, resources control and presentation of processes in the computer system, and hence in the Internet.

Thanks to the latest achievements in information technology, we are able to deliver services to our customers faster, more accurately, in accordance with their specific requirements and in a way that gives the customer control over production processes.
What differentiates ESTIMET from the competition is not only our advanced production technology (laser cutting, water cutting, gas and plasma cutting), but also the computerisation and automation of processes thanks to which we have a lot more control over the operations that we perform.


We deliver products to places specified by the customer throughout Europe, also in the JIT system.

Speed of operation is one of our priorities. We are aware that in today’s market customer expectations have to be met immediately. We optimise our processes in terms of speed of service delivery. We guarantee one of the fastest lead times in the market!