We fulfill the requirements of EN 1090 and have Factory Production Control

We are authorised to place the CE marking on products manufactured by us

EN 1090 standard

Relates to the following materials, elements, structures, and substructure in particular to individual operations:

  • elements and sets of structural elements made of steel or aluminum, introduced on the construction products market
  • steel components used in composite and reinforced concrete structures
  • elements used directly in building construction or as sets of structural elements
  • structural elements and sets of structural elements produced in series and as non-series products
  • elements made of cylindrical or cold profiled components or components made with the use of other technologies
  • elements made of various sections, flat products (sheets and strips), bars, castings and forgings of of steel or aluminum, protected and unprotected against corrosion by coatings or other surface processing


Market regulations mean that the requirements for manufacturers regarding produced welded and non-welded structures have significantly increased. Compliance with the requirements contained in EN 1090 standard (directive) provides customers with a confirmation that products are produced under conditions supervised by qualified and authorised personnel. Therefore, products are of appropriate quality and are consistent with the generally accepted guidelines.

In order to ensure the compliance of our products with legal regulations we carry out product conformity assessment before they are introduced to the market. Such assessment allows us to label products with the CE mark.

ESTIMET complies with requirements contained in
EN 1090 directive and has a Factory Production Control,
what authorises us to place the CE marking on our products.