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the company is built on a foundation of over 30 years of experience in the metal processing industry


ESTIMET is a company specialising in sheet metal processing


We invest in the latest and the most effective production, IT and measurement technologies

Comprehensive services

we use the majority of available metal cutting technologies, a wide range of bending tools and additional services

We work 24h/day 6 days/week

to keep our promise


we have the IT resources that allow us to read any documentation and use it for production purposes

ISO 9001

we work on the basis of clear and effective procedures

EN 1090, i.e. the CE mark

Our products are CE marked

Steel from Europe

We use only European-made materials

Materials warehouse

we stock materials in our own warehouse

Deliveries across Europe

We deliver products across the whole of Europe

JIT delivery

we deliver products just when you need them

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